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Which of these are superfoods?
  1. Blueberries 
  2. Walnuts 
  3. Kale 
  4. Sugar Bomb breakfast cereal 
  5. None of the above 
  6. All of the above

Correct answer: 

f. All of the above 

What you should know: 

How could it be true that all the foods named are “superfoods,” and that none of them are? Because much like some other claims made on food labels, the FDA does not provide requirements for a food to be called a “superfood,” and there is no scientific definition or method of determination as to whether or not any given food is a “superfood.” Essentially, it is a marketing term. 

What science does tell us is that there are at least 5,000, and possibly up to 25,000, chemical compounds in whole foods (vegetables, fruits, and whole grains) which are potentially capable of playing a role in the body’s huge range of chemical interactions—that is to say, bio-active. 

We also know from scientific research that dietary patterns with lots of whole, unprocessed foods are associated with longer, healthier lives, and diets with high amounts of processed and ultra-processed foods, particularly those with high levels of added sugar, are associated with life-threatening diseases. 

So while it may not be obvious which foods are the greatest superheroes of the supermarket, it’s very easy to identify the supervillains.  

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