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Being healthy depends on making smart choices.

But when you’re trying to make an informed decision about health, you can soon find yourself sifting through a haystack of information seeking a needle of understanding.

Much of that information has been created by someone who is selling a product or service. That doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t true, but it’s a safe bet that if someone wants you to pay for a product or service, they aren’t likely to give you information that might make you decide not to do that. At best, you’re not going to get the whole story. At worst, the information you get will be distorted, or even false.

Think about the number of companies that have a financial interest in the health decisions you make—companies that produce or distribute food, manufacture medical drugs, or prescribe those drugs—generating combined revenues of $6 trillion a year. You can see why it’s almost inevitable that you will be immersed in an ocean of information, and misinformation, about things that affect health.

How do you avoid drowning? How do you find and learn what is truly useful to know, avoid sales spin, and become more capable of managing your own health or that of the people you love?

There is a way.

It’s not necessarily easy, but it is fundamentally simple:

  • Identify reliable sources of information
  • Understand what they are telling you
  • Apply that understanding to yourself and others


 When you’re dealing with a lot of information, it can be helpful to sort it into categories. A useful set of categories for sorting health-related information is the ways that your health can be impacted by your own choices and decisions.

We call these health fundamentals:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Resilience
  • Treatment

Each of these is a factor that you can exert control over so as to manage your own health and help others to do so.


Perhaps more than any other subject, if it’s a matter of your or another’s health, you need to be able to completely trust the reliability of your source of information, knowing that it is based on valid science and are not distorted by financial interests.  5 Fundamentals of Health makes two promises: 

  1. Every article and video you find on 5 Fundamentals of Health is based on well-established and widely accepted truths about the operation of the human body and valid scientific studies of the consequences of decisions and actions related to lifestyle or treatment choices. In most cases you will find those relevant references listed next to our articles.
  2. We will never accept financial support or advertising revenue from companies or individuals who derive financial benefit from the sale of a health-related product or service.

5 Fundamentals of Health is a health education resource that will help you push aside noise, confusion, half-truths and misinformation about health, discover objective sources and facts, and develop the ability to confidently chart a course to a healthy life.