Avoiding Diabetes

by | May 24, 2021 | Nutrition

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The CDC states about 25% of all adults 65 and older are diabetic. At what age should you take steps to keep that from happening to you?
  • Age 60
  • Age 50
  • Age 40
  • Age 30
  • Age 20

Correct answer:

  • Age 40

What you should know:

The condition that eventually becomes diabetes—increasing abnormalities in your body’s ability to process carbohydrates—develops very gradually over time, and the case can be made that it actually starts in your 20’s and possibly even earlier. But for most people, the critical decade is the age of 40 to 50—that’s the point at which developing diabetes can still be stopped in its tracks through wise food decisions and daily physical activity.

The rewards of a healthy lifestyle go well beyond forestalling diabetes, however; there’s also reduced likelihood of heart attack, stroke, and Alzheimers in your golden years, and increased energy levels and resistance to disease.

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