Diabetes a Big Risk Factor for Hospitalized COVID Patients

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Nutrition

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Researchers found that a high level of blood sugar at the time of admission for Covid was a strong predictor of death and a lower chance of discharge
Deaths from COVID are often attributed to unspecified “underlying conditions,”  but a recent French Study. of nearly 2,800 patients with diabetes admitted to hospital for COVID gave a clearer picture of what that might mean.

The study found that 28 days after admission, 50 percent of those  patients had been discharged after about a nine-day hospitalization, 12 percent were still hospitalized, 17 percent had been transferred to another facility and 21 percent had died.

The researchers found that a high level of plasma glucose (or blood sugar) at the time of admission was a strong predictor of death and a lower chance of discharge. In May 2020, the same team reported preliminary results showing that 10 percent of COVID patients with diabetes died within 7 days of hospital admission.

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